Our Products

In addition to the Herbavital depectinised apple pomaces for the enrichment of raw fibres in livestock and pets’ rations that are already established on the market we offer feed additives based on extracted pure pectins.

Fruit and vegetables are an indispensable component of a healthy diet for humans. This product group - which for the most part originates from processed by-products of the food industry - is also known and appreciated in animal nutrition by many animal feed producers and livestock or pet owners. Here we benefit from the exceptionally high standards in the food industry and a consistent traceability of all production processes.

A multitude of ingredients mean that the pomaces as well as the pectins are valuable components of contemporary, performance-oriented livestock rations.

Apple pomace, citrus peels and sugar beet chips form the basis of the pectin production at Herbstreith & Fox. These raw materials are obtained from juice manufacturers in dried and thus storable form. Water-based pectin extraction is then performed, in which pectins, sugars and secondary plant compounds are extracted from the matrix of the pomace and then separated from the insoluble fraction. Following depectinisation the insoluble matrix is dried and then used in animal nutrition as a high-grade source of raw fibre under the name of Herbavital depectinised apple pomace.

The extracted liquid pectin is processed further, finally resulting in pure pectins and apple molasses.