Apple Molasses

During the pectin extraction process, part of the sugars, the colouring agents and the secondary plant compounds are extracted from the apple pomace and concentrated. These highly viscous dark brown apple molasses are distinguished as follows:

  • Intensive, natural apple aroma and full apple taste
  • High total sugar contents 57 % in TSS: glucose 23 %, fructose 30 %
  • Low crude ash content 4.2 % in TSS
  • TSS content 70 %
  • High energy content of 7.9 MJ NEL kg/TSS, 12.9 MJ ME kg/TSS (cattle), 13.1 MJ ME kg/TSS (pigs)

Areas of application

  • For use with cattle, pigs, horses, rodents etc.
  • Enriches the energy content of rations
  • Improves the palatability of feed rations
  • Binds the dust in flour and pellet feed
  • Natural aroma and flavour to mask components that taste less attractive
  • As a component in licking blocks