APUNA- the natural horse treats

Healty horse nutrition is growing in importance and so the requirement for horse treats.The APUNA Apple Pure Nature horse treats are developed by the agro FOOD SOLUTION range consists of 100 % natural ingredients.

APUNA horse treats are:

  • very palatable
  • without artificial flavours or any additional feed components
  • completely transparent list of ingredients
  • stable 16 mm pellets - no more crumbs in the pockets
  • grain-free

Besides APUNA horse treats have a hight raw fibre (28 % in DM) ans a low energy level. That makes them suitable for thick horses and they can be applied in cereal free nutrition.

The following APUNA-varieties are available:


  • 100 % apple
  • the popular classic

APUNA with carrot

  • 80 % apple, 20 % carott
  • with beta-carotene from the carrot

APUNA with thyme

  • 90 % apple, 10 % thyme
  • beneficial to respiratory system and digestive tract

APUNA with lucerne

  • 75 % apple, 25 % lucerne
  • stimulates metabolism

The agro FOOD SOLUTION offers APUNA to wholesalers and producers of horse feeds and so you have several opportunities to integrate these premium products in your own product line.

Different packaging is available.

If you need feeding samples please feel free to contact us for your APUNA samples.