Herbavital PET Apple Fibre

Herbavital PET Apple Fibre is a new product in the segment of raw fibre rich products for pets.

Gentle depectinized apple pomace is milled and sieved and the final product Herbavital Pet has a concentrated and unique fiber structure that differs from other conventional raw fibre products on the market.

  • crude fiber content 38% in dry matter (dietary fiber content 67%) 
  • insoluble and soluble fiber fraction for best physiological digestive effect
  • high standardized quality
  • no mykotoxine contamination due to stringent raw material sourcing a best product handling
  • clean label declaration as apple fiber

This modified and concentrated apple fiber can be used in the whole spectrum of pet feeds.

Wet feed / dry feed

  • raw fiber enrichment
  • replacement of critical fiber sources
  • unobtrusive apple flavor blends in feed
  • enforcement of dry extrudates

Snacks and Treats

  • low caloric and high fiber treats
  • apple fibers increase the firmness to the bite dental products

In contrast to conventional raw fiber carriers derived from by-products of agricultural or food production mykotoxine contamination of Herbavital Pet Apple Fiber can be excluded.

Apple pomace for the depectinization process is sourced according to strict quality standards. Only apple pomace from fruit producing plants is bought and immediate drying ofter dejuicing is garantueed. During the acid depectinization process a contamination of bacteria or fungus is not possible and the drying process just before milling and sieving results in a stable and clean product with 88% dry matter Herbavital Pet Apple fibre has to be declared as apple pomace or apple fibre. Consumer awareness towards non-original feed products like cellulose products also favours more natural ingredients like the fruit derived Herbavital Pet.

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