Improvement in energy and acceptance

Improvement in energy and acceptance

Apple molasses with an energy content of 7.9 MJ NEL kg/dry mass (DM) or 12.9 MJ ME kg/DM (cows) and 13.1 MJ ME kg/DM (pigs) is used to increase the energy in and improve the acceptance of compound animal feedstuff.

The high total sugar content of 63% in the dry mass, with a dry mass of 70%, and a comparatively low raw ash content of 4.2% in the dry mass make the product a genuine fruity alternative to beet and cane molasses.

The composition of the total sugar content is determined by the fruit sugar spectrum of the original product, apple, so the apple molasses sugar content includes 23% glucose and 30% fructose.

Apple molasses has an intense (baked) apple flavour and is mainly used in the feed of ruminants and horses in a variety of applications, for example as a component of lick blocks or in combination with less attractive but important components.

Apple molasses is also used in feed for pigs and rodents. It is a popular natural product for binding powder in the production of meal or pellet feed.

Areas of application for apple molasses in farm animals and pets


Apple molasses is ideal for improving the energy density and flavour of feed for ruminants.


Apple molasses is a simple means of improving the flavour of horse feed. The sugar spectrum of the apple also naturally boosts the energy content. What’s more, the fruity alternative to conventional molasses has technological benefits, such as helping to bind the powder in meal and pellet feed. Apple molasses also has benefits from a marketing perspective.