Raw fibre enrichment

Raw fibre enrichment

Herbavital – depectinised apple pomace has a raw fibre content of 28%. The raw fibre content of Herbavital is much higher than that of other native sources of raw fibre, such as wheat bran, sugar beet pulp and oat hulls.

Only apples that have undergone the strictest incoming goods inspections under food law for juice and pectin production are used as the raw material for the production of Herbavital. This means that the risk of the product containing unwanted substances (such as mycotoxins) is minimal.

To ensure a long shelf life, Herbavital is dried to a dry matter of over 88% in a state-of-the-art, gas-fired drying plant immediately after depectinisation.

High raw fibre content and quality, excellent flavour, a long shelf life and year-round availability – that’s what makes Herbavital so impressive.

These qualities make Herbavital a valuable feed material for many species of animal.

Areas of application for apple pomace in farm animals and pets


As a result of the extraction process, the depectinised apple pomace has a particularly high raw fibre content of 28%. It can be used as a tasty source of raw fibre during the group phase to increase the raw fibre content of the calves’ structured feed. The wide range of raw fibre in the apple pomace supports early rumen development.

Fattening pigs

Herbavital (depectinised apple pomace) is used as a high-quality source of raw fibre in feed for fattening pigs. In feeds that are low in raw fibre in particular, such as liquid and by-product feeds, the apple pomace enhances the feed. The proportion of by-products can then be increased further in borderline recipes with improved digestive stability. Herbavital can also be used in pellet form as a raw fibre component in animal welfare programmes – it can be added in its pure form as an activity feed via the appropriate feeder. Pigs love the product as it tastes great.

Breeding sows

Herbavital can be used as a reliable and tasty means of adding raw fibre to sow feed. The high proportion of insoluble fibres combined with a high water-binding capacity of approx. 350% helps to keep the breeding sow feeling full for a long time. The soluble fibres in Herbavital are broken down by means of fermentation in the hindgut, thereby also helping to stabilise digestion. The positive stimulation of intestinal peristalsis via the two types of fibre can help to prevent both constipation and loose, soft stools.


Depectinised apple pomace is ideal for increasing the raw fibre content of wet and dry pet food. In dog and cat feed, greater attention is paid to the raw fibre content in the context of species-appropriate diets. Many special diets, such as for overweight animals, require reliable and effective sources of raw fibre. Feed components such as apple pomace and apple fibre are also viewed positively by consumers and are in keeping with the trend towards natural ingredients in pet food.
Naturally, Herbavital also makes an ideal source of raw fibre in rodent feed. Rabbits benefit from the ideal blend of soluble and insoluble fibre components in Herbavital.