Company profile

Company profile

agro Food Solution GmbH is part of the Herbstreith & Fox Group. As a leading global manufacturer of apple pectin, the Herbstreith & Fox Group combines its skills and expertise in the production, development and marketing of pectins and dietary fibres in the fields of human nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition.

agro Food Solution GmbH is responsible for the animal nutrition area of the business. The company processes the nutritionally valuable by-products of pectin production to produce the depectinised Herbavital, apple pomace and apple molasses products available on the market.

The high-quality sources of raw fibre, based on apple pomace and fruit pectins, offer the ideal basis for meeting the requirements of modern and healthy animal nutrition.

In order to continuously develop the existing products further, it is vital to have a dynamic team. The broad positioning of the Herbstreith & Fox Group means that we enjoy all manner of synergy effects during collaborations between the most diverse of areas. It is precisely this ability to take a wider view that gives us and our customers a decisive advantage in the market.


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